Dr. Jordan is currently the Director of Behavioral Medicine for St. Elizabeth Hospital Boardman, Family Medicine Residency and Assistant Director, SEB Family Medicine Residency. He is actively conducting research on OCD.  You can reach Dr. Jordan at this email:


Email: cjordan@mercy.com 


Post Doctoral Fellowship, USF Rothman Center for Neuropsychiatry, 2011-2013

Internship, Children's Hospital of Michigan, 2010-2011

Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Florida, 2006-2011

Masters of Education, University of Florida, 2006-2007

Bachelor of Arts, University of South Florida, 2004-2005

Associate of Arts, Saint Petersburg College, 2003-2004


Dr. Jordan is an Ohio & Florida Licensed Psychologist with extensive experience treating both child and adult OCD and related anxiety disorders for the past 8 years. His initial anxiety training began at the University of Florida in the Weekly and Intensive OCD Treatment Program at the Behavioral Health Unit for three years. During his one year pre-doctoral internship at Children's Hospital of Michigan, Dr. Jordan helped form an anxiety treatment clinic and continue evidence-based treatment for OCD and related anxiety disorders.  He recently completed his two year Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of South Florida's Rothman Center for Neuropsychiatry in 2013. During his fellowship Dr. Jordan continued to conduct empirical research/treatment for child and adult OCD and related Anxiety, and Tic disorders. He has several publications in the area of OCD and frequently speaks at conferences and professional organizations as an expert in the treatment of OCD, PANDAS/PANS and anxiety.

Currently, Dr. Jordan specializes in Evidenced-Based Treatment of OCD, Anxiety, Tic, and Trichotillomania disorders. Dr. Jordan sees both child and adult patients using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Exposure and Response Prevention (CBT ER/P) for  OCD and Anxiety, and Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) for Tic spectrum disorders.  Exposure therapy is conducted with patients and their families using a tailored approach to each person's specific symptoms.


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